The History of The Lajos Bardos Society

After the death of Lajos Bardos on November 18, 1986, his students and admirers decided to create the Lajos Bardos Society. Otto Miskolczi, Tunde Kempelen and Mary Póczonyi originated the idea.

After organizational work, the Lajos Bardos Society held its founding meeting on December 19, 1987 in the assembly hall of the University of Horticulture. The luminaries of the musical field filled the hall. There were performances by The Kosciuszkó Thaddeus Street School Jubilate Children's Choir, the Szilagyi Erzsebet Female Choir, the Young Friends of Music Choir of and actor George Bánffy. The assembly voted in favor of the articles of incorporation and elected members of the leadership and the various committees.

The Lajos Bardos Society’s goal is to promote and organize concerts, symposiums, and conferences around the life work of the composer, conductor, teacher, and musicologist. It brings together the Bardos school choirs and eight schools for regular performances and meetings. It holds information for anyone interested in Lajos Bardos and his works. Later, it undertook the task of design and operation of the Lajos Bardos Museum.

The Elected Leaders in 1987:

President: Pozsgai Imre
Co-Chairs: Daróci Bárdos Tamás
Nagy Olivér
Szőnyi Erzsébet
Artistic Director: Sapszon Ferenc
Head Secretary: Lukin László
Secretary: Póczonyi Mária
Executve Secretary: Kempelen Tünde
Treasurer: Gebauer Józsefné

The four committees of the society:

Choral Committee: G. Horváth József, Pallos Béla and Tillay Aurél
Musicology Committee: Homolya István, Ittzés Mihály and Mohay Miklós
Music Education Committee: Póczonyi Mária, Székely Miklós and Takács László
Publications Committee: Biller István, Márkus Miklósné and Tóth Mihály